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Kidznotes is a Durham, North Carolina-area nonprofit with over 14 years of experience catalyzing social change by providing positive youth development through music education, focusing on serving children from low to moderate income levels in grades 1-12.

Providing equitable access through a full scholarship model, including instruments, ensures that students of all economic backgrounds can benefit from music education. Centered around the power of community-building through orchestral instruction, Kidznotes strives to transform the lives of young people and, ultimately, the communities in which they grow and live.

The most recent gift from the Murgitroyd Family Foundation supported Kidznotes’ ability to re-launch the Mozarts program for its youngest learners in 1st and 2nd grade in 2022-2023, providing approximately 84 hours of music instruction to 86 students in 6 schools. 

It’s wonderful to see the hard work of those involved with Kidznotes come to life and a great honour to support this excellent cause.

You can find out more about Kidznotes by clicking here.

young people playing large drums in a classroom