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Micah and Learning Together

The grants we distribute really make a difference to people in need. We had to share the story below about a little boy who has gone on to achieve wonderful things!

Micah was enrolled at Learning Together at 2 years old in August of 2015. At the time, he was non-verbal, wore a weighted vest and a chew necklace to help with his sensory needs. He would bite himself and wore a helmet to prevent injury from hitting his head on the floor. Micah graduated in June of 2019 and just started 4th grade at Lake Myra Elementary in August 2023. He no longer has a behavioral IEP, no longer receives ABA, speech or occupational therapy, and does not require sensory support.

His mother recently connected with the charity team in gratitude: “Learning Together was a huge asset to Micah’s development. We loved that the classes included kids with and without special needs. The teachers were excellent at working with Micah on his social/emotional skills, and gross motor skills.” 

Micah’s story is a success because he had access to early diagnosis and intervention. Learning Together exists to ensure every child has access to equitable early childhood education that helps them find their potential.

Casey Mason, Director of Development and Strategy wrote to The Murgitroyd Foundation to share Micah’s journey and to pass on their gratitude.
“On behalf of Learning Togethers staff, teachers, students, families, and community – thank you for generously helping us build equity through inclusive early childhood education. This year we’ve served over 100 students and their families in Wake County through our “Super-Inclusive” classrooms, onsite therapy, family advocacy, and systems-change strategies. Partnerships like yours help us to empower underserved families with the skills and resources needed to promote lifelong learning and success.”

The Murgitroyd Foundation are delighted to support this great organisation and you can find out more about the Learning Together programme here!