Whether you are applying for a grant for the first time or have years of experience – it can still be a daunting and time-consuming process! We want to make it that little bit easier for you.

We require some key information about your organisation and the person filling out the application form on your behalf. So it’s best to choose one person to complete the application and act as our main point of contact. As well as contact details, we do require your charitable registration number so please make sure you have these details at the ready!

Within the application, we will ask for some details to help us determine the suitability of your organisation. Please ensure your organisation fits within one of the four priority philanthropic areas (see here for more information). If you are applying for one of our special awards, you will be asked to select which of these you are interested in.

The application form requires you answer two questions, each in 400 words or less. It is important that you are as clear as possible about the intended purpose of this grant. Successful grant applications will include a specific description of how the funds will be used.


Murgitroyd Foundation Forms Available:

–  1st February to 28th February

–  1st September to 30th September

Staying in touch

We will continue to engage with successful applicants to find out how the work outlined within the application is progressing. We’d love to see pictures, videos and more to keep us up-to-date! We will feature some of these stories on our website.

Question 1

Tell us more about the nature of the work your organisation does and what you plan to use the grant money for?

Question 2

Why did you choose to apply for this grant and if successful, what impact do you believe this will have on the community you work in?


If you are unsuccessful on your first application, we hope you won’t be deterred from applying again! (See our FAQ’s at the bottom of this page for more details on how to reapply)

Frequently Asked Questions

Our application form for the biannual Murgitroyd Foundation grant is open:

  • 1st February to 28th February
  • 1st September to 30th September


You may provide one page of supplementary material; for example, a general brochure for your organisation or a mission statement, if you feel it will enhance our understanding of your organisation or project.

Please email supporting material to contact@murgitroydfoundation.org

If you encounter any issues whilst completing your application or submitting it to us please contact us here.

Once the period of submissions has ended, our dedicated team will take the time to review each application carefully before deciding who will be awarded grants during that round. We anticipate that successful applicants will hear back during the months of March and November for the Spring and Winter rounds, respectively.

Please understand that, due to the volume of applications, we are only able to notify successful applicants.

Sadly, we are unable to award grants to all who apply. However, we would encourage unsuccessful applicants who meet the criteria to re-apply.

We help non-profit organisations access the funding to acquire the tools, training and support they need to build meaningful change.