Our Trustees have seen first-hand the powerful impact that funding can have on the community. We believe we have current and unique perspectives on the needs of our communities and award our grants with this in mind.

Currently, we consider organisations that endeavour to enact positive change in the places our foundation has strong family ties to Scotland (UK) and North Carolina (USA). Organisations that are interested in applying must demonstrate within the application process that the benefit of the grant will be felt within these communities, although not necessarily exclusively in these communities.

Murgitroyd Foundation grants are given out twice annually to organisations supporting four priority areas: Healthcare, Education, Arts & Culture and Food & Housing Insecurity.

How we help

We award biannual grants of up to £5,000 or US$5,000 to charities or nonprofits currently doing the work in spearheading social, environmental, or individual change and development. It is our hope that with a grant from the Murgitroyd Foundation, organisations will be able to further develop their current programmes and make an even greater impact in their communities and beyond.

The Murgitroyd Foundation Grant


Supporting organisations that encourage learning and social development programmes for children and/or adults.


Supporting organisations that provide help to those experiencing homelessness and food insecurity.


Providing funding for local and community organisations dedicated to physical and mental health and well-being.

Arts & Culture

Providing financial support for the development of arts programmes and cultural projects.

New Applications

We welcome our applications in the February & September of each year and the application form is open for the duration of that month. Successful applicants receive confirmation approximately 4-6 weeks later with the round of grants awarded in the April (for successful February applicants) or November (for successful September applicants) of that year. You can find out more on our How to Apply page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our biannual Murgitroyd Foundation grants seek to award funding to organisations that support our four philanthropic priority areas: Education, Arts & Culture, Healthcare, and Food & Housing Insecurity.

Within your application, we will ask you to select which of these areas your organisation supports and what you plan to use the grant money for.

Our application form for the biannual Murgitroyd Foundation grant is open:

  • 1st February to 28th February
  • 1st September to 30th September

Visit our How to Apply page for more details about the application process.

The Murgitroyd Foundation supports a successful range of programmes enabling and empowering social and economic progress.