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Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS)

Planting seeds for future growth 

Since 1854, the Royal Scottish Forestry Society (RSFS) has been supporting the education of foresters and others who love our woods. The role of forests and trees in the 21st century is paramount to meeting the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss and is intimately linked with social and economic progress. This was a cause very close to the heart of the late, Ian Murgitroyd. 

The creation of new woodlands and the sustainable management of existing trees and forests needs people with practical skills and professional experience. Through the support provided by the Murgitroyd Foundation, the RSFS can encourage the next generation of foresters and woodland managers into an essential area of our natural life. These development needs can begin with young people taking on apprenticeships, while others, including those changing careers, pursue further education and higher education training. 

Recognising Ian Murgitroyd’s passion for forestry, woodland and trees, the RSFS will be able to offer annually the following awards:

• The RSFS Ian Murgitroyd Professional Development Bursary – a one-year “project-based” award for a Scottish student attending a UK institution, or recent graduate with a Scottish connection, studying or who studied forestry or a related subject;

• The RSFS Ian Murgitroyd Prize for Mensuration – one prize of £250 for the best degree student in Mensuration (the measurement of trees);

• The RSFS Ian Murgitroyd Equipment Bursary – one bursary of £750 to pay for course equipment for a diploma student;

• The RSFS Ian Murgitroyd Award – one bursary of £750 to pay for equipment for an apprentice forester.

The RSFS is also the parent of Cashel Forest Trust which owns Cashel, a former hill farm. Through the restoration and maintenance of Cashel’s natural and built assets, they are able to provide facilities and access for education, research, leisure, and wellbeing, as well as demonstrating sustainable native woodland forestry, peatland conservation and montane habitat regeneration. Cashel is used by a number of other organisations involved in mental health recovery, supporting long-term mental illness, supporting disability and young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Murgitroyd Foundation is honoured to be involved in supporting the RSFS and helping to make a difference!